Traditional Custom-Made Bodhran Drum

If you’re looking for a traditional, custom-made bodhran drum, look no further than The Bridget Drum Company. We have created handcrafted bodhran drums for over 20 years and use only the finest materials to create these traditional instruments.

The bodhran features heavily in Irish and Celtic music and dates back to ancient times (though it didn’t appear in paintings until the mid-1800s). If you want a piece of this beautiful auditory history, a traditional, handcrafted bodhran drum from The Bridget Drum Company can unlock that door for you.

Our Process

Our handcrafted bodhran drums come in a variety of sizes, both with and without a straight bar. Our traditional bodhran drums come in diameters of 14, 16, 18, and 20 inches. Most drums are 4 inches tall, and the 14-inch drum is 4.5 inches tall.

The shell of each drum is created with multi-layer hardwood. The goatskin head is hand-finished, treated for strength and durability, and tacked by hand to the shell of the drum. We use a cloth band to give your drum a finishing touch.

In addition to the standard features of each drum, we have optional add-ons that you can choose from to further customize your drum. You can also opt for a nano spray that protects the goatskin from moisture and dirt.

We also offer dye and paint options for you to truly customize your bodhran to match your style or the colors of your band.

Add a touch of traditional sound and dazzling drum beats to your music with a traditional handcrafted bodhran drum from The Bridget Drum Company. Our drums make a beautiful addition to any musical group.

Take a look at the photos on our home page to see some examples of our work. To order a drum, call us at (705) 571‑1336 today.