Custom Bodhran Drum Manufacturer

Music is something that brings everyone together. If you’re looking for an instrument that’s unique, or if you’re fascinated with Irish culture and want one of their traditional instruments, experiment with the bodhran drum. Contact the Bridget Drum Company; we’re the custom bodhran drum manufacturer for you.

Quality Drum Crafting

The bodhran is a traditional Irish drum that is said to have become popular in the mid-19th century. This drum has a fascinating history all its own, and many people love the distinctive sound it creates. With goat skin on one side and the other side open, you can create unique sounds as you strike the goatskin with one hand and steady the inside with the other.

The Bridget Drum Company offers custom bodhran drum crafting because we want to create the drum that’s perfect for you. Every inch of our custom drums is meticulously handcrafted with the finest materials to fit specifications. We use multilayered hardwood for the shell and chemically treated goatskin for the head to prevent tearing and avoid the need for repeated oil treatment.

You have multiple styles and options to choose from, including the traditional bodhran and the barbarian bodhran, and each style comes in different diameters and depths. Plus, you get to choose the color of both the wood and the goatskin, so the drum you get is exactly the one you pictured in your mind. Take a look at our home page to see all of your options.

We pride ourselves on creating masterwork-quality bodhran drums, and you’ll be able to hear the quality when you play yours.

Experienced Drum Creation

The Bridget Drum Company was founded in 1996 by Russell Duke because of his passion for drums. We have decades of experience perfecting our craft and creating the best bodhran drums possible. Call us today at (705) 571-1336 to talk with us and order your drum.