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Bodhran Drum Maker Team

Bodhran Drum Maker TeamBodhran Drum Maker TeamBodhran Drum Maker Team

"We Build the Art of Bodhrans"

About Us

Drum made by our Bodhran drum makers

Bridget Drums Company

At The Bridget Drum Company, we have perfected the art of building custom drums.  This perfection is clearly evident in our Professional Series Bodhran Drums.  Every single inch of these drums have been meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials, equipment and incorporate the most important elements in fabricating the perfect musical instrument which is pride and care in Craftsmanship.


General Features

  • The Professional Bridget handcrafted drum shell and inner tuning ring are made from select grade multi-layer hardwood.
  • The Bridget Custom Tuning Lugs are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and coated in black powder coated finish which is much stronger than paint.
  • The goatskin is hand finished and chemically treated,  which helps prevent tear away, has a less break in period and oil treatment is not necessary.  Maintains quality deep sound over the life of the drum.
  • Each drum is finished with hand tacked cloth  banding and comes with a tuning key.
  • We like to work directly with YOU the Customer to build a drum to your style and needs. You are every  part of the building process with updated photos sent to you on the drum progress. 
  • Option of  Nano Tech technology added to the head.
  • Nano Tech offers innovative top-class protection based on revolutionary Nanotechnology. When the Nano Protector impregnation has been applied, the individual fibers are covered by NANO elements, and the fibers themselves become much more water and dirt proof. Water and dirt will not adhere to the fibers, and will instead run off like pearls (called the "lotus effect" Our Chemically treated heads never need oiling, the natural oils from your hand will transfer to the inside of the skin over time.  If you feel it’s necessary to treat the skin, use non oil based cream on the inside of the drum) .

We Pride Our Product

The Bridget Drum Company provides a one (1) year warranty (excluding skin) on Craftsmanship and materials.  We have been Crafting professional quality Bodhran drums for over  twenty years. Proudly Canadian made!

Our Competitive Pricing

note: prices may change without notice

Our Sound

Sample sound of our Professional Bodhran Drums played by Mr. Brad Billard.

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